The Monster Hunter Franchise

The first game in The Monster Hunter series was developed and published by Capcom back in 2004 on the PlayStation 2. The fantasy action-rpg based gameplay proved to be popular and game sales were high, especially in Asian markets. Since that initial game the series has seen consistent releases on most popular consoles, including portables. In 2018 the series saw it's first PC release with Monster Hunter: World for Windows based computers. With over 50 million units sold for the series, it appears to have a healthy future.

As per the series title, players take the role of a Hunter with the main goal of increasing your hunter rank. This is done mainly by engaging in quests to slay or trap monsters. Upon defeating monsters the player may get loot that will allow them to craft better armor and weapons. The key in increasing your rank is to find the right tools for the job, fighting monsters with the optimal armor and weapon equipped will result in greater success and in some cases might be the only way to defeat the monster.

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