Digital Products

Activation instruction links are included in every activation email with instructions on how to redeem your code. The instructions can also be found below, simply select the platform you are redeeming your code for:

Steam codes

EA App/Origin codes

Ubisoft codes codes prepaid codes

Bethesda codes

GOG codes

Epic codes

Mojang/Minecraft codes

PlayStation 4 codes

Rockstar codes

Switch codes

Xbox One codes

Microsoft Store codes

Our digital products are mostly 'REGION FREE' or 'GLOBAL' meaning they can be activated and played in any country.

In some cases there will be limitations on where the game can be activated and played. These limitations will be listed on the product page. The system will alert you on the product page if it detects the region you are in is not compatible with the product you are viewing so please make certain before purchasing the product that you are in a region that is compatible with the product.

Our system is completely automated so you should receive your activation email within 1-2 minutes after completing your order.

If you do not receive it within 5 minutes it is quite possible that the activation email was placed in your spam/junk folder, please check that folder in case your activation email is there.

If you still cannot locate it then your order might have been flagged for manual review. This happens if you're using a web proxy or placing an order from a different country than your payment method billing address. Orders being manually reviewed are usually processed within 60 minutes but can take up to 24 hours depending on order volume.

If you have verified that you are entering the code exactly as it was sent to you but are still receiving an 'Invalid key/code' error the first thing we recommend is making sure there are no spaces before or after the code as that will cause the code to be invalid.

If you are receiving a 'Used key/code' error please make sure you haven't already redeemed the code by viewing the related game library for the game.

If the above recommendations do not solve your issue then please open a support request here:

Please make sure you include the following which are needed to start the support process:

1. Order Number

2. Screenshot/picture of the error. If you are taking a picture please make sure everything on the screen is legible.

3. Any details that help describe the problem you are experiencing.

You must contact us within 7 calendar days of your purchase to start this process, after that a case can no longer be created.

With digital products once the code has been dispatched a refund is no longer possible. If your order is pending/under review and you contact us to cancel before it has been dispatched then a refund is possible.

System requirements and region information are included on every applicable product page, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure their computer and region meets those requirements before purchase.

If the activation code is found to be defective in any way you will be provided with a replacement or a refund if a replacement is not available. This process typically takes 2-3 business days. You must contact us within 7 calendar days of your purchase to start this process, after that a case can no longer be created.

Physical Products

For items that ship direct from PJ's Games, they can be expected to arrive within 2-4 weeks. Full tracking is included with every order so you can follow the progress.

For items that ship direct from one of our suppliers, shipping is usually longer with typical times for arrival between 3-6 weeks. Full tracking is also included with these orders so progress can be tracked.

If you feel your order is taking longer than expected and there might be a problem please submit a support request and we can look into the order to find out if there are any issues.

All games are cleaned and tested on original systems before shipping them to you. If you're using an emulation system, like a Retron 5, some games will not be compatible, we try to list these incompatibilities on the product page so you are aware before checkout. If it is compatible or you are using an original cartridge system please try cleaning the contacts. This can be done by applying 99% rubbing alcohol to one end of a Qtip and rub it along the contacts of the cartridge. You can then use the dry end of the Qtip and rub it on the contacts again. If the Qtip appears dirty then select another Qtip and repeat the process until there is no more dirt/dust. This will more often than not fix the problem.

If you are having problems with a disk based (CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray) game gently wipe the game with a damp, soft (lint free if possible) cloth. Be sure to wipe from the inside of the disk to the outside. This will clean off any dirt, fingerprints, etc that may be causing issues.

With all used games it is assumed that the original owner has redeemed all DLC and bonus content codes. All used games that are sold are for the original game, not any DLC or bonus content that came with the game. This content can usually be purchased separately if you wish to add it to your game.

If your order hasn't shipped it can be cancelled. Simply submit a request supplying your order information and we will cancel the order and refund your purchase.

If your order has already shipped it cannot be cancelled but it still can be refunded. Simply wait for the order to arrive and return it to us within 30 days for a full refund.

Full information can be found on the Returns & Shipping page.

Other Questions

Yes, we only allow secure connections to the site so any transfer of information is fully encrypted.

In addition to this PJ's Games is run on the Shopify Ecommerce platform which is fully secure and PCI compliant.

View Shopify PCI Certifications

Your order will only be cancelled if it falls into one of the following categories:

Product out of stock: In some cases we might be running low on stock and there might only be one product left. If two orders are placed at roughly the same time both could go through but only one can be fulfilled. The other will need to be cancelled.

Customer requested cancellation: If any order is pending and has not been fulfilled/dispatched yet it can be requested to be cancelled by the customer.

Order flagged as fraudulent: Due to a high volume of fraudulent digital orders we have automatic fraud screening in place that will flag orders based on fraud risk level. If your order has been flagged as high-risk it will be cancelled.

Payment providers will put a pending hold for the amount of the purchase for every transaction. If the transaction should fail for some reason the pending hold should be released shortly thereafter.

If you are still seeing the amount as pending long after the transaction then we recommend contacting your credit card provider for more information. We cannot refund this amount as the money was never sent to us.

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