PJ's Games Affiliate Program

How do I earn money with the PJ's Games Affiliate Program?

The PJ's Games Affiliate Program is simple and free to join and is perfect for all video game fans around the world. As our affiliate you'll earn money by using your affiliate link to drive traffic to PJ's Games that result in a successful checkout.



How the Affiliate Program works

  1. You will be supplied with a unique link - a reflink.
  2. You can post it on your favorite forum, social media, share it with a streamer, youtuber, blogger or share it on in game chat, while playing with your friends.
  3. When you share your reflink and someone: your friend, forum user, other player or one of the influencer fans, clicks on it, they will be redirected to pjsgames.com.
  4. When someone is redirected to pjsgames.com by your reflink and makes a purchase, you get a 5% commission.
  5. PROFIT!