About Us

The staff at PJ's Games are true gamers, we cut our teeth on Atari 2600s and Colecovisions and the passion only grew with every new generation. We take that passion, experience and love of gaming and pack it into every order we ship.


We love retrogaming at PJ's Games and it shows. We're collectors ourselves so we understand the passion true gamers have when it comes to building their collections and playing these great classic games.

Box Protectors

We feel very strongly about the preservation of retro games and ship protectors with every game, not just the expensive ones.

Digital Gaming!

While we love retrogaming we can't ignore these amazing new games coming out as well which is why we also offer digital key downloads, often at 70% or more off the regular platform prices.

Fast Shipping

We ship daily so every order goes out in 24 hours or less, excluding holidays. If your order qualifies we also offer free shipping.

Instant Key Delivery

Our game key delivery system is completely automated. This ensures you get your key instantly, 24/7, so you can focus on the gaming.

Product Photos

We take photos of every product so you can see exactly what you are ordering, no stock photos here.

30 Day Guarantee

Every physical order comes with a 30 day guarantee so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Quality Guarantee
Free Box Protectors
24 Hour Shipping
Instant Key Delivery
For Gamers by Gamers