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Fallout 4: Survival Mode or How I Learned to Love Fallout 4

  Check Availability War. War never changes. That might be an absolute in the Fallout series but I can say without reservation that Fallout 4 changes considerably if you play it in Survival mode. I initially completed the game on normal difficulty and enjoyed it well enough. The graphics and combat were a definite upgrade and I enjoyed the Commonwealth setting....

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Super Metroid: Zero Mission Review

Super Metroid: Zero Mission combines the 1994 Super Metroid game with the 2004 Metroid: Zero Mission game. This unofficial addition to the Metroid series brings a new story and gameplay to the classic series.It was developed by Japanese hacker SBniconico who released two versions of the game. The first version is the standard edition which has the basic level of...

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Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries Review

Castlevania: Chorus of Mysteries is an unofficial addition to the Castlevania series; while this game is a hack of the original Castlevania game, it features a new story with new game elements that make it stand alone from the original game. The game adds a new story to the classic world of Castlevania which should satisfy most series fans.It was...

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Pokémon Light Platinum Review

Pokemon Light Platinum was completed in 2009 and is one of the unofficial fan-games created for the Pokemon franchise. It was developed by WesleyFG and released in both English and Portuguese making it one of the more accessible ROM Hacks available.Many versions of this game exist and Pokemon Light Platinum (PLP) can be found online for free through various emulators...

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