Transport Fever 2 PC Review: A Game That Builds On The Original

Transport Fever 2 is a pleasure to play and presents the player with an elegant interface. You will constantly be zooming into street level to admire your designs at every chance. If you are a train sim fan then prepare to spend some time on this one.


The environments are so stunning that they are reminiscent of the classic Mario Kart games. The author can do no wrong in my book. The cityscapes are beautifully drawn and the backgrounds are even more so. The particle effects, special effects and unique visual effects stand out in this game too. The visuals for the ships in particular are one of my favorites. The various scenery is quite gorgeously and aesthetically drawn as well. This game is a feast for the eyes. The navigation is so easy to grasp that you can get straight to the good stuff. Even the menus are exquisite to look at and understand. This is what we call designing a game. Transport Fever 2 takes full advantage of the road to create a driving simulation that is exceptional in its depth and detail.


The game is best described as a transport-focused driving game. With multiple train routes and terminals to deliver cargo from point A to point B. There are three different types of trains available: Passenger, Freight, and Metro. Each has a unique function and they work well with one another. You can easily jump between these different types of trains to get from one point to the next. You will also have different trains available on a given route that can assist you if you need to avoid certain tracks. If a track is blocked, it is pretty much game over. On the other hand, you can take a train that helps you out of a jam. When it comes to trains, the game has you hooked up as you will always be looking for a new route or terminal to make the most of your cargo.

Final thoughts

Transport Fever 2 brings the genre to the next level and with every little improvement you can feel the developers getting better and better at it. So, if you are a fan of the genre and looking for a ride in the tracks then you have come to the right place. You have to prepare yourself, though, for some long travel times.

Transport Fever 2 is one of the best simulator games of 2019. It offers great eye candy, realistic handling and presents the player with a great variety of environments. You can truly customize the approach you take to your city and all the different transport routes. This game is not available on consoles, so those looking to get stuck in should play the PC/Mac/Linux version. If you love train games then you are in luck as it plays in a great way. Transport Fever 2 is fun and addicting at the same time. Its depth has kept me playing for over 100 hours.


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