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A Plague Tale: Innocence is a story of two orphans trying to survive in a world decimated by the Black Death. It is compelling and the stealth gameplay is on point, just be sure you don't have a rat phobia before playing, as that will definitely make it hard to get far into the game.

The story takes place in France during the black death plague and follows Amicia and her younger brother Hugo as they search for a cure for Hugo's illness. Their travels will take them through rat infested locations that will require careful navigation to avoid detection. In addition to this there are many puzzles as well as other adversaries that will require quick thinking to solve.

Gameplay in A Plague Tale: Innocence involves playing a little bit of stealth and a lot of combat. You can play the game either in third person or with a standard camera. Some of the game's features include an inventory system, an enemy lock-on system, and a cooldown timer system. You can choose which you want to activate. When an enemy comes into view and has an attack rate of 10% your cursor will be on him, on higher difficulty levels your cursor will be on him on a little bit earlier, on harder difficulties you get to control the mouse cursor a bit better so you can just let it do its thing and try to avoid all mayhem.

There is little we have enjoyed more in recent memory than A Plague Tale: Innocence. The game starts slow and a little confusing but it grows on you and takes on a whole new dimension once it begins to take on the nigh-horrifying environs of the plague. The story is strong, with the second chapter focusing on rats the entire adventure really begins to turn into an almost apocalyptic tale. This is a game that fans of Castlevania should really consider.


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