House Flipper Review

House Flipper is a first-person simulator game in which you clean, fix and paint rooms for clients before renting out your spaces. The goal? To buy homes from the property market so that they can be decorated to suit YOUR needs!

For most people the idea of working on their home all day might sound boring but that doesn't have to be true if you enjoy what you're doing. The process can actually be relaxing, especially when the prospect of performing these actions in real-life might seem overwhelming.

When I went into the game, all of these things were on my mind. Knocking down walls and laying hardwood floors was something that always seemed like a possibility for me to do in this virtual world.

House Flipper for PC/Mac on Steam | Screenshot

House Flipper is the perfect game for folks who love designing their dream home, but it's also great if you just want some clean fun. You'll be able to make over your starter homes with ease thanks in part from its intuitive interface and easy navigation.

The game is all about making things look super clean (or at least getting everything to an adequate-enough state so you can turn a profit). Among other micro tasks, players pick up trash and vacuum cockroaches; they also dab their mop across stains or scrub windows for what seems like hours on end. Installing things like showers, toilets, etc. requires manual clicking of components which are assembled bit by bit but there's no complexity involved in House Flipper greater than this.

The more you perform actions, the quicker your character upgrades. These are all geared towards improving efficiency and making life easier for everyone. You'll be able to see stains on mini-maps as well as walls that come pre painted before they happen so there is no need craft a solution or negotiate with buyers when it could just get done automatically instead; these skill points definitely pay off.

If you want to spruce up your home, then interior design items are a great way of doing so. You can search by category or type in their name and find what's necessary for the space. The list seems overwhelming at first but soon enough only essential things remain on it - much like anything else worth having does.

House Flipper for PC/Mac on Steam | Screenshot

There's always a reason to keep playing the game, even after you've sold all your houses. It still feels like there are new buyers out their looking for homes and apartments; I can't help but bounce back in every now again just so my sales team has another chance at meeting their needs!

House Flipper is a fun game, but I've found myself growing bored with the lack of customization options. It would be great if they added some more things in future updates.


The perfect way to escape the noise of your world for just a little while, House Flipper is an interactive video game that simulates housework. As you bust out all kinds of cleaning tasks and other domestic duties, you can't help but feel empowered by this virtual reality!


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