The Critics Consensus - Dying Light: The Following for PC/Mac/Linux

The Critics Consensus - Dying Light: The Following for PC/Mac/Linux
If you enjoyed Dying Light you are going to want to play The Following. It's full of what made Dying Light great and a enough new things to keep it fresh, highly recommended.

At the time of this post Dying Light: The Following had a metascore of 79 on Metacritic. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews

"Dying Light: The Following manages to include a new fun-filled environment to explore along with a vehicle to do so that mesh together well with a story that’s slow to start but ends with a powerful punch."
"By the end you’ll be wanting to do nothing more than get behind the wheel and creating chaos as you speed across the dirt roads, taking down zombies in a field of blood splattering glory."
"The Following is an excellent expansion by any measure, combining a fascinating narrative and enjoyable gameplay into a great piece of content for fans of the original game."
"With The Following Techland shows it still knows how to create an excellent zombie game and again we have been totally sucked into this game."

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