PC Building Simulator - Making PC building fun

Have you ever dreamed of being a one-person computer workshop? PC Building Simulator lets players take on this dream and more. As an employee at your own personal shop, it's up to YOU what tasks are thrown our way - from cleaning out old computers or scanning for viruses! We'll help keep things running smoothly by providing moody customers with various demands throughout the day while they wait patiently in line behind others who have come before them.

The game simplifies the hobby to make it more newbie-friendly. You won't have time managing your cables, because that task is handled for you by this PC building simulator! The graphics are friendly and easy on eyes too - there's no need of reading detailed instructions or figuring out where everything goes yourself when all components get highlighted in blue with their relevant information right next them so preparing ahead doesn’t require any expertise whatsoever

The thrill of building a PC is not only in the physical labor but also seeing your creation come to life and function. You get an instant profit from opening up shop, customers give you five stars for all your hard work on 3DMark benchmarks - it's really exciting!

PC Building Simulator - OOOOoooh purple!

The satisfaction of fixing a lot of PCs and feeling like an expert quickly becomes apparent as you rack up positive reviews for your business. The rent is $500 which seems pretty expensive at first glance but quickly goes down once orders start coming through - especially since getting more clients means earning even larger profits overall.

The game makes you become more familiar with PC parts and the tutorial is certainly newbie-friendly, but there are times when at least some knowledge of building PCs comes in handy. For instance it asks if someone has an existing RAM stick for their computer to be compatible--and without knowing that this means getting one specific make/model from our local store!

The game has a lot of fun elements, but it starts getting repetitive when you have to do certain tasks for hours on end without any break in between. There are also some quality-of life improvements that would be really helpful - like being able to shop while checking customer order emails or buying products faster by just inputting your credit card info once instead of going back and forth between different sites every time something needs purchase!

PC Building Simulator - Work on the 3DMark score!

There's always the temptation to just keep playing a video game and forget about what I'm supposed be doing in real life. The promises of dollars on my company bank account seemed like they were taunting me, reminding that instead you can earn them quickly by completing simple tasks over again for other websites like Amazon Mechanical Turk without any money-making potential!


PC Building Simulator is a game where you get to build your own PC and then customize it any way that suits you best. The concept could have easily turned out being tedious, but this newest entry in the genre keeps things fresh with its crisp graphics and friendly tone of voice!


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