Slay the Spire Review

What if you could take your favorite card game and make it more intense? That's exactly what this new deckbuilding roguelike dungeon crawler does. As opposed to being given a starter hand of cards like in most games, players pick from three diverse but equally exciting characters with unique card pools that all start off super basic at first glance - until they progress through the Spire collecting increasingly difficult monsters' respective currency (both gold coins AND souls) so as time goes on their options become better!

I played through this game in one sitting because I couldn't stop. The mechanics are simple, but it's so engaging and challenging that you'll be hooked from start to finish! You can unlock new cards after each level or win them during matches- whichever happens first is accidental sometimes. Just try not getting blown up by some random guy who doesn't like how popular he is today...

There are many decisions to be made in the heat of battle, but there is never an easy answer. Sometimes you have take a few points damage so that your opponent may receive more- this can seem like the "right" decision at face value because it's beneficial for us as players... However every play style has its pros and cons; some people prefer not having their cards damaged while others enjoy making calculated hits with strong attacks on either side! Discovering your own personal preference takes time - I've found myself changing strategies often during matches due up thinking too much rather than just letting instinct take over.

Slay the Spire - Battle

I found that as soon I became more comfortable with the game, its timer didn't make me feel so pressured. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out what my next move should be or how much longer until someone made an attack on their own turn—especially since these moments are optional-the simple animations for playing cards felt satisfyingly snappy and allowed me take some turns lightning fast once again!

Each of the available characters in this game has a unique play style. The Ironclad is an aggressive warrior who excels at close quarters combat, while Silent Rogues use their skills for subtlety and precision strikes from afar with poisoned blades or long-range attacks that debilitate enemies into unconsciousness before they can react - but both have plenty else going on under the hood! Defects may seem like ordinary magic users at first glance... until you realize how much flexibility there really was to what type spell would be best suited by picking one's bio mechanic abilities wisely; these gentlemen aren't just about blasting stuff away willy nilly after all.

It's always exciting to find all of the combo pieces you were hoping for, tearing through enemies with synergies that were specifically designed. But sometimes luck isn't on your side and it can be difficult figuring out new strategies when cards change constantly throughout gameplay. To succeed you must adapt your strategy accordingly based off what equipment options you're given at any point during play.

Slay the Spire - Dialog

There are a wide variety of different items in this game, including weapons and armor. However the most exciting pickups are Relics - they come from chests or can be found after fighting bosses/special elite enemies (and offer significant advantages). Some examples include having increased attack power for temporary periods; others will allow you to draw more cards than usual when playing card battles! The best part? You won't know what kind your going get until after taking it off someone else's head so there is no wait time involved here.

There are a lot of different monsters and bosses in Slay the Spire, but every single one is tricky to beat. The art style combines aspects from Dungeons & Dragons-inspired drawings as well other influences like Cthulhu for an unique look that makes each fight interesting all on its own!

Each stage of the dungeon is a new challenge, with enemies randomly distributed along it. Despite this variety however I found myself recognizing most foes after just a dozen hours or so - which does make runs feel too similar at times due to how many you face reintroducing earlier ones in later areas.. There could be more differences between each group though especially when they reuse early material again near your progress up Spire.

Slay the Spire - Battle

The game has plenty to keep me interested with its Daily Climb mode, which adds wacky modifiers to a set run each day. If things start getting too easy though there are 20 increasingly difficult Ascension levels that will test your mettle until it's time for revenge!

With a vibrant modding community and plenty of custom characters to try, the Steam Workshop is easily one my favorite aspects about playing on PC. There's nothing quite like diving into someone else’s creation that was created with such love - it truly feels special! However some standouts in this category do make it more than worth sorting through rough gameplay mechanics or dialogue trees while looking for those diamonds among dirt – which can sometimes feel clunky compared to other platforms where developers have years upon decade-worth experience working within these genres...


Slay the Spire is a fantastic mix between deck-building games, roguelikes and dungeon crawlers. It's an idea so good that it has been inspiration for a dozen other similar titles before even leaving early access! But what makes this title so captivating? The fact that each fight challenges you immensely while giving time to experiment with mistakes - all without feeling too difficult or unfair when things go wrong.


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