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About the Game

Welcome to the ultimate driving playground.

A massive city with five distinct districts is both your driving school and playground. Explore, hone your skills, find the hottest race spots and track down the most essential after-sales parts. Upgrade, tweak and modify your ride to perfection, then take it online and make your mark on the streets.

Go deeper into the world of tuner culture than ever, boosting your way around a living, breathing city with over 200km of drivable road. Unlike its more linear predecessor, NFSU2 gives you complete freedom to explore the city as a whole, playing more of the events you like and less of the ones you don't.

Three new modes sit alongside the returning Circuit, Drift and Drag modes, testing every facet of your driving ability. Best of all, if you can do it offline, you can also do it online thanks to full network support for all of NFSU2's game modes.

  • Race or roam on more than 125 miles of open road.
  • Encounter underground races, hidden shops, and unexpected challengers.
  • New detailed performance tuning and authentic visual customization - create endless expressions of style.
  • Eight exciting game modes including the all-new Downhill Drift, Street-X, and Showcase.

Industry Reviews

Worth Playing
"EA has addressed almost all of the complaints that were raised about the original NFSU."
"An impressive, and more importantly, fun game that overcomes its faults with depth, breadth, and variety."

Besides Most Wanted this is another fan favorite in the Need for Speed series that needs a remaster on a modern console.

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