Troy: A Total War Saga Review: Worth The Wait?

As the game title suggests, Troy: A Total War Saga retells the timeless tale of the Trojan War in a very stylistic package. After the previous Saga release, Thrones of Britannia, it would be understandable to be worried about Troy. Luckily Troy will put your fears at ease with an excellent campaign, over the top presentation and all around good gameplay.

The Campaign

The campaign in Troy is solid and will vary based on your character. As Achilles, you will be tasked with defending your title as the greatest champion of the Aegean and your units will consist of aggressive, mobile melee units to back you up. As Hector, you will have to deal with your annoying little brother and be backed up with tough spearmen which are very effective in defending cities against assault. Each leader feels distinct and interesting, in their goals, abilities, and fighting style.


Graphic wise, Troy looks gorgeous. While the graphics are excellent, they could've been even better, with more convincing shadows and more detailed armor on the Trojans. They’re doing a great job of placing the massive armies of the ancient times in the forefront, where they should be. Mention has to be made of the map graphics, they are incredibly beautiful, you will catch yourself just admiring the rocky islands of the Cyclades as you go about planning your next turn.


As expected from Total War Saga, combat is fluid and enjoyable. Taking on the duties of a commander from the Trojan army, your view behind the scenes is top notch. The ability to zoom out and view your entire army in battle without scaling off the screen is fantastic for getting a look at exactly what is happening at any given moment. After the previous Saga game Troy really takes combat seriously and gives a large focus on tactics.


There are few Total War titles that feel this good at the start and if you're a Total War fan, there's no reason not to pick this one up. The campaign, characters, setting and gameplay are all top notch, leaving you with little to complain about other than maybe a stronger AI. If you're a Total War fan and you're willing to give it a shot, we'd recommend Troy.


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