Slime Rancher PC Game Review: Surprisingly Addicting

Slime Rancher is a fun, kid friendly farm sim and we use that definition in the broadest sense. You will be farming colorful slime blobs for their splort, which is a nicer way of saying poop. You will then sell this splort to generate revenue. Combining different color slime blobs will generate different splort but be careful as there can sometimes be unexpected results when combining different colors.

The Basics

In a nutshell, Slime Rancher is a simple but addictive farming sim in the same vein as Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. The graphics/environment look absolutely gorgeous and even on a lower end machine you shouldn't have any issues running the game. You will play as a slime rancher who works your way through a very large open world environment farming slime in your very own ranch. There is a farming mechanic to the game that you use to grow crops and grow slime with. You plant and harvest. When you harvest you get slime and your slime ends up being of a certain color.

The farming mechanics in Slime Rancher are fairly simple to use and develop. You use the main left mouse button to place spawners which have several of their own special features such as hiding spawners in various shaped holes, having the option to prevent some areas from spawning slime, and adding a filter to the world to only show colored slime. You can also mix colors to grow specific kinds of slime which you can mix or not to grow as you see fit.


There are also three modes, desert, plains and caves. Combat involves equipping your revolvers with different slime weapons. The revolvers are the most important, they are the primary tool you need to kill the monsters and restore your slime farm, but the other items will also be useful. The only challenge with combat is to figure out what slime weapons to equip. Once you get them the basics become self-evident but learning how to use the guns to best effect is a learning curve.

The main mechanic in Slime Rancher is visiting different locations to collect slime, and occasionally a more interesting slime. We have seen so much before in farm sims and even this colorful, cute farm sim can feel a bit repetitious. The explanation of slime generation works well, and all we need to do is eat and increase our crop and our farm will grow. This results in more slime and eventually allowing to make more unique and fun objects.


Slime Rancher is a fun and inventive way to learn about life on a slime farm. The core gameplay loop is fun and satisfying but having a lot of fun while learning something new is what makes this game so addicting. I'd recommend this game to any kid or kid at heart.


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