Back to the Future: The Game Review

Back to the Future: The Game is a third-person, point and click adventure that casts players as Marty McFly from the Back To The Future movies. You'll take on Michael J. Fox's character in this sequel where you must travel through time to rescue Doc Brown who has been framed for arson by Biff Tannen. It seems your memories of what happened haven't quite caught up yet because it turns out everything doesn’t exactly go according plan when changing history!

The first few episodes of this season were so good. Doc has been gone for months, and Marty's broken up over it - but you can see how much he cares about his friend in those moments where they're playing together! It really hit me hard when I started feeling like there was no one left to talk or confide in at all; but then remembering what made these characters great helped bring out an even deeper sense of empathy from players such as myself (and maybe others too). The problem is that Telltale gamble on our investment by moving away suddenly after building up their relationship--leaving us somber-but still wanting more.

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The third episode of the series takes a turn that has been entirely unexpected. What was meant to be an attempt at prolonging storytelling through cinema ended up creating more questions than it answered, and instead became something else altogether. With sight gags galore as well as some really interesting dialogue between Doc Ford and Marty McFly about human nature or whatever -- this installment is sure not to let you down if your looking for lighthearted fun with madcap moments throughout every 15 minutes.

As much as I didn't care for the over-the-top cartoony stuff, like when they were kids or whatever it is that's going on with Marty and Doc (I don't know), their relationship connection nipped at my heart in one scene where he mentioned something about being there for each other. The game then goes even further into silly territory which lessened its impact somewhat; plus we never actually decide if these two people are meant to be together long term--we just kind of leave them hanging without any closure whatsoever.

Back to the Future: The Game | Screenshot

The game is all over the place, with its events happening in separate locations and time periods. But I had a great time getting through it because of stellar voice work from Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and A.J. LoCascio doing an excellent job as Michael J. Fox's character whom you grow to care about by episode five; along with some new characters that became favorite parts amidst their journeys across space-time!

I was lost in this world until I started having some minor issues with the visuals. The animations could be more fluid and lip syncing sometimes would just skip lines or not sync at all. There are also some frame rate drops which detracted slightly from gameplay.


The game started off really well. About half-way through the tone takes a more lighthearted feel which is fine but I would've preferred a more consistent approach. At any rate, Back to the Future fans will love the game regardless and it is still a solid adventure game that should be experienced by fans of the genre.


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