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Hey everyone,

I'm sure most of you are pretty tired about hearing how companies are handling the current situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. But since the situation could impact how we serve our customers here at PJ's Games I wanted to update you on our status.

Before we get to that though I can't stress enough that I hope everyone is self-isolating as much as possible. We can beat this sooner rather than later if everyone just stays home. By limiting how much you go out you are protecting yourself and those that are important to you.

Since we are an online shop our services aren't too severely impacted by the current situation. Firstly, physical orders will probably take a bit longer to get to you due to our provider, Canada Post, taking longer to process packages. We commend them for keeping their service active during this time and hope they all stay safe. All orders are packed in a clean and germ-free environment.

Secondly, we are experiencing a higher amount of digital orders than usual which is to be expected with so many of you at home. What this means is your activation code could take a few minutes longer to reach your email inbox. So instead of getting it in one minute it might take up to 5 minutes. We're working hard to get that back down to a minute and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

We'll get through this by being safe and kind to those that need support.




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