TurboGrafx-16 CD Supplies Back in Stock!

To those who've been waiting for Ys 4 and Castlevania Rondo of Blood to be back in stock, good news, all supplies necessary to produce our TurboGrafx-16 CD reproductions are back in stock. In an effort to be as efficient with our supplies all our TurboGrafx-16 reproduction products are now going to be built-to-order. What that means is that once we receive an order for any of these products work will then commence on producing it before it will be ready for shipping. This turn around time has a maximum wait of 5 days but in most cases likely turnaround will be 2-3 days.

This allows us to keep our costs down and ensures we do not carry any unnecessary stock. We're hoping to also resupply our hucard reproduction supplies as well, stay tuned! Have a look at what we have available.

Until the next update, stay safe and keep gaming!

- PJ


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