Battling Worms, Deadfire Islands, Vikings, Samurai and a hidden discount?!

Battling Worms, performing Sims, boat trips around Deadfire, Medieval brawls, or earning your pilots license. Which will you choose? This weeks update mixes a bit of everything to create a tasty snack, check below to see what new games and merch have landed in the store this past week, as well as what is back in stock.

New Games

New Merch

Back in Stock

So let us know what you think about the update. Since you're still reading we think you've earned a bonus, use the following code at checkout to take an additional 10% off: TAKE-10-OFF. So take advantage of the discount on these new items or anything else in the store but don't wait too long, the code expires October 15th. 

We're lining up some special new products at great prices for the next update so watch for them! If you're looking for a specific title just let us know.

Game on!
- PJ


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