Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

Includes: Cartridge protector, game cartridge and dust sleeve.
Condition: USEDGame cartridge is in very good condition with glossy label and no sun damage to plastic. There are no scratches or writing on the cartridge but there are some signs of wear.
Genre: Role-playing
UPC: 045496630331
System: Nintendo Entertainment System
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Not Rated
NOTE: Cartridge label has English and French text, please see pictures.


Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is the second installment in the famous "The Legend of Zelda" series and was released in 1987. The action role-playing game is a direct sequel to the original game and features protagonist Link on his quest to save Princess Zelda. Link must face many challenges on his quest and discovers many things about himself in the process.

The game puts emphasis on it's role-playing and side-scrolling elements as Link fights his way through enemies to save Princess Zelda and prevent Ganon from returning. Link gains experience points can be used to level up his attributes to make him stronger in combat and gives the player some freedom with choosing what fighting style to use. In order to progress through the game Link must collect several items which grants special abilities which are either permanent for the rest of the game or need to be activated in the Overworld.

This is currently the only direct sequel ever created for the original game and is considered to be the “black sheep” of the franchise due to it's dramatic gameplay shift. Even still, the game was rated well by critics and the re-released version of the game for other platforms have also been received relatively well.

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NTSC (North America)
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