Western Outlaw: Wanted Dead or Alive

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Western Outlaw: Wanted Dead or Alive

Includes: Box protector, original box, manual, game case and game disc.
Condition: USED. Game box is in very good condition. Game case and manual are in very good condition. Game disc is in very good condition with a couple minor scratches that do not effect installation.
Genre: First-person Shooter
UPC: 677990103303
System: PC CD-ROM
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Rating: Mature (Blood, Violence)


As a man hardened by your years as a gunslinger, you arrive in a troubled town looking for peace and quiet--but you're not that lucky. Framed for a crime you didn't commit, you must use your sharpshooting skills to evade the law and stay alive in a corrupt Western town where everyone wants you dead. Through 10 action-packed levels, you can save the day by thwarting a train heist, going one-on-one with other gunslingers, fighting your way through an abandoned mine, and saving the girl from a rich tycoon.

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North America
Age Rating
Mature (Blood, Violence)

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