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Virtua Fighter Kids

Virtua Fighter Kids
$9.99 USD
Game Information

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  • Includes: Case protector, Game case, Spine card, Registration card, Move list, Promo insert, Manual, Game disc
  • Condition: Used - All items in very good condition.
  • Platform:Saturn - Japan
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega AM2
  • Release: 1996
  • Tags: Arcade
  • Features: 1-2 Players
    Virtua Stick
  • Region: NTSC J
  • Franchise: Virtua Fighter
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About this game

Get ready to rumble...

The Virtua Fighter family enters the next generation with a bang! Meet VF Kids! They're small, fast, and hold the secret to all 2,000 Virtua Fighter moves! With hilarious animations and sound effects, and running 20% faster than VF2, this is a must for all fight fans!

Key Features

Can I See That Again?
Pull off an awesome move? Get ready for real-time instant replays!
Customize characters with the new "Make-Your-Own-Combos" mode.
Gotta See Them All
Includes all new movie sequences for every character.

Don't let the cute visuals and sounds fool you, this is definitely a Virtua Fighting game and feels even faster than VF2.


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