TV Sports Hockey

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TV Sports Hockey

Includes: Box protector, original box, promo insert, game case, manual, game sleeve and game.
Condition: USED. Box is in very good condition with slight signs of wear. Case is in very good condition. Manual is in excellent condition. HuCARD is in excellent condition.
Genre: Sports
UPC: 092218001269
System: TurboGrafx-16
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Not Rated
SKU: TG16_TGX030064_CIB


The stadium organ is pumping as you faceoff against the international competition. Play any position, even goalie, with total control. Experience all the stick handling, slap shots, body checks, and fisticuffs of world class hockey. Make strategic goalie and line changes. If their goon slams you into the boards, drop your gloves and duke it out. Now you're flying down the ice on a power play. You wind up and crank a high, blazin slap shot, but their goalie's reaching out and... Welcome to World War III, hockey style!

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NTSC (North America)
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