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About The Club

The Club is a loosely organized and highly illegal underground entity. For most people, The Club exists only as an urban legend - a game where criminals are paid huge amounts to carry out gunfights and where online spectators view, gamble and cheer them on in a deadly game of skill. Yet the rumors are true. People are getting rich. People are dying. The first task is to survive, but according to their rules - quickly, relentlessly and with style. The Club seeks to redefine the mechanics of third-person action shooters. Set in a variety of unusual and evocative locations, the game focuses on frenetic gameplay. The Club delivers fast-paced gameplay with a variety of high-powered weaponry at the players' disposal.

Key Features

Rise Through The Ranks
Choose from eight different characters to rise through the ranks, uncovering each person's true motives and intentions. Blast your way through five single player game modes including Sprint, Time Attack, Survivor, Siege, and Run the Gauntlet.
Earn Respect Online
Shoot to the top of the Leaderboards in over eight cutthroat multiplayer modes. Face off against 7 other opponents online in real-time or battle offline with 4-player split-screen action.
Go Global With The Club
Gamers battle in eight unique real-world locations from around the globe, including war-torn cities, abandoned factories, steel mills, and more.
Take Part in Extreme Gun Battles
A motion blur camera system intensifies the adrenaline rush in both open range and close-quarter firefights. Players can destroy and manipulate objects in the environment to their advantage.
Build Up Your Score
A unique score-based accumulation system creates even more competition among players. Score more points by being faster, more efficient and accurate, then use those points to unlock weapons, characters and maps.
Pick Your Favorite Weapon
Choose from 17 customizable high-powered assault weapons, including automatic weapons, sniper rifles, high-caliber pistols, submachine guns, mounted weapons, and many more.
PlayStation 3
Third-person shooter
  • 1-4 Players (offline)
  • 2-8 Players (online)
  • Blu-Ray Disc
  • HDTV 720p
  • Dolby Digital
  • SIXAXIS Motion Sensor
  • PlayStation Network compatible
  • 3421 KB HD space required
NTSC (North America)
Age Rating:
Mature (Blood, Strong Language, Violence)
Case protector, original case, manual and game disc.
Used - All items in very good condition.
While it could use a bit more depth and polish there is still a solid arcade shooter that will provide some intense gaming moments for those that invest the time.
- The PJ's Games Team

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