Tekken 3

Tekken 3
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Game Information

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  • Includes: Case protector, Game case, Manual, Game disc
  • Condition: Used - All items in very good condition.
  • Platform:PlayStation - Japan
  • Publisher: Namco
  • Developer: Namco
  • Release: 1998
  • Tags: Arcade
  • Features: 1-2 Players
    Memory Card - 1 Block
    Vibration Function
  • Region: NTSC J

About Tekken 3

The Fight of Your Life...

An ancient evil force has reawakened, attacking in secret and feeding on the souls of mighty warriors. To lure it out of hiding will take the greatest fighting contest the world has ever seen... Tekken 3. Some are fighting for revenge, some for honor. Ultimately, all are fighting for their lives and the fate of all mankind.

Key Features

Hidden Features
Secret characters, secret game modes, and dramatic cinematic sequences for each character.
New Fighting Styles
Including the Brazilian art of the Capoeira fighting and two new styles of Kung Fu.
New Characters
Includes your favorite arcade characters: Eddy, Jin, Xiaoyu, Hwoarang, Julia, Law, Mokujin, Bryan, Ogre, and more, along with new characters created just for the PlayStation version.
Faster Gameplay
Instant bounce-back from falls, more escapes from tackles and stuns, plus all-new throws make gameplay faster then ever before.

Tekken 2 was already an almost perfect game and 3 betters it in almost every aspect, a masterpiece that should be in every PS1 collection.

© 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998 Namco LTD. All Rights Reserved

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