Shining the Holy Ark

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This product requires an NTSC-J (Japan) console to use.
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About Shining the Holy Ark

Immerse yourself in a true multi-character RPG for Sega Saturn.

As the capable mercenary Arthur, you must summon every ounce of your role-playing prowess and lead your comrades on a do-or-die hunt for the kingdom's sacred artifacts. It's the RPG you've been waiting for, loaded with enough Medieval monsters and challenging "four character" control to stretch your role playing skills far beyond your wildest imagination.

Key Features

  • Choose up to 8 unique characters each with his/her own personality and mastery.
  • A graphically lush RPG-cast in the tradition of the popular Shining series!
  • "Magic" mode puts wizardry and sorcery at your fingertips.
  • Gameplay Map allows you to track your progress and choose your next challenge!
This product requires an NTSC-J (Japan) console to use.

Saturn (JAPAN)
Camelot Software Planning Sonic Co.
  • Single-player
Age Rating:
Suitable for all ages
  • Case protector
  • Game case
  • Manual
  • Spine Card
  • Promo Insert
  • Game disc
  • Used - All items in good condition
Not a fan of dungeon crawlers? This one might change your mind and is a definite must own for your Japanese Saturn collection.
- The PJ's Games Team

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Shining the Holy Ark | Sega Saturn | Japan

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