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About the Game

You receive a call from Hope, a woman trapped inside a mysterious totalitarian state. Hacking into an elaborate surveillance network, you guide Hope through a web of danger and deception across five thrilling episodes.

Developed over five years by industry veterans (Metal Gear Solid 4, Halo 4, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, F.E.A.R., SOCOM), Republique is a thrilling and topical adventure that explores the perils of government surveillance in the internet age.

Key Features

Remade for the PS4
The game has been remastered in Unity 5 for PlayStation 4. "One Touch" stealth action gameplay reimagined for the Dualshock 4 – take control of Hope like never before.
Rich Gameplay
Immersive puzzles and strategic choices await the player.
Innovative, Interactive Developer Commentary
Eavesdrop on conversations recorded during the making of the game.
Incredible Voiceover Performances
The game includes a stellar cast of voice actors, including Rena Strober, David Hayter (Metal Gear Solid), Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite), Dwight Schultz (killer7, Star Trek), Khary Payton (Metal Gear Solid 4), John Kassir (Tales From the Crypt, Bayonetta 2).

Industry Reviews

Digitally Downloaded
"This game is a chunky, lengthy experience that will last you for quite some time to come."
"Republique is a game no fan of adventure games should pass on."
"Republique transitions from mobile to console in grand fashion, and it boldly tells a brilliant story that's rife with wonderful gameplay design and quality voice acting."
The Digital Fix
"Some minor gameplay issues aside, Republique does a notable job of taking an innovative idea and crafting an ethically-charged, politically driven story that most triple-A titles fail to grasp in their storytelling."

Republique introduces some unique gameplay aspects and pairs them with very polished graphics and animation. If you enjoy stealthy adventure games you'll want to check it out.

Customer Reviews

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