Project Gotham Racing 2

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Project Gotham Racing 2

Includes: Case protector, original case, manual and game disc.
Condition: USED. Game case and cover are in very good condition. Manual is in very good condition. Game disc is in good condition with scratches that do not effect gameplay.
Genre: Racing
UPC: 805529569553
System: Xbox
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Everyone (Mild Lyrics)
SKU: XBOX_X1016834_CIB


Project Gotham Racing 2 is a true test of racing skill, style, and daring that rewards you not only for how fast you drive, but also for how you drive fast. Earn Kudos and gain recognition for cornering on two wheels around the Sears Tower in Chicago; power-sliding through the ancient streets of Florence, Italy; or maneuvering along the racing line through the slick streets of Edinburgh, Scotland--all while racing some of the most exotic high-performance vehicles available. You can even challenge other gamers online, using Xbox Live, or take on your friends in a multiplayer race via System Link.

Product Details

NTSC (North America)
Age Rating
Everyone (Mild Lyrics)

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