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About the Game

Scream through the streets of three US cities in a high-velocity racer where having a good-looking motor is almost as important as winning.

The series that took racing from closed tracks to urban streets is back to raise the stakes again. Trick your ride out with the latest rims, trims and upgrades. Take on street racing's elite as you blaze through traffic at speeds of over 250 MPH. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition delivers the fastest ride ever.

Key Features

The fastest racing game ever
Lights blur, cars rattle and the city flies by to create a visceral racing experience.
Build your dream car from over 60 licensed vehicles
Tuners, muscle cars, SUVs, choppers and more of the world's greatest vehicles.
The deepest vehicles customization ever in a racing game
Adjust every aspect of your ride's appearance and performance.
Race through San Diego, Detroit, and Atlanta
All packed with landmarks, shortcuts, jumps, and alleyways.

Industry Reviews

Worth Playing
"The customization, sense of speed, longevity, sound, and graphics all are about as perfect as can be expected."
"A progressive racing game that betters the second with more accessible racing, without losing its competitive edge."
Game Chronicles
"It’s an insanely high-speed arcade style racing game that’s faster than any other racing experience out there."
Play Magazine
"You've got blinding speed, and more than enough distinct cars to tinker with to push that insane speed even harder."

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition exceeds at every level; graphics, car customization, gameplay and sound are all amazing. A worthy addition to the series.

Customer Reviews

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