Iron Man | Nintendo DS
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Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Case
Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Manual
Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Card
Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Screenshot
Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Screenshot
Iron Man | Nintendo DS | Screenshot

Iron Man

About the Game

You are Iron Man, a one many army. Unleash your arsenal in this 3D action packed overhead shooter loosely based on the popular Iron Man movie. Featuring levels on the ground and in the air, you'll be testing the limits of the Iron Man armor and weaponry. Think you got what it takes? Then grab your DS and pop this game in for an all out assault.

Key Features

  • Includes voice overs from Robert Downey Jr., Terrance Howard and more.
  • Battle villains that weren't in the first movie, like Whiplash and Titanium Man.
  • Utilize the touchscreen for 360 degree aiming.
This is a fun romp, for a time, on your DS. The voiceovers are great but gameplay can get repetitive on extended gaming sessions.
The PJ's Games Team
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