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About the Game

Embark on an epic journey to unlock the truth lurking behind The World.

As the outlaw player, Kite, you're on a mission of truth. In the virtual world of .hack Part 1: Infection, anything is possible and nothing is as it appears. Fight your way through contaminated levels of cyberspace as you take on and eliminate enemies, and unlock codes that will allow you to gate travel to even more environments. Gather clues about the mysterious .hack from the included Anime DVD in an effort to ultimately discover who or what's behind "The World."

Key Features

Offline MMORPG
Play and experience an MMORPG without a Network Adapter.
Anime DVD
Bonus animated feature shows events occurring in the 'real' world.
From the creators of GHOST IN THE SHELL and EVANGELION
Features design and direction from some of the biggest names in anime and manga.

Industry Reviews

"The most fun I have had playing an RPG in a long time! This game just spews forth with innovation."
"Clever story twists; excellent character design, and an addictive gameplay engine can go a long way."
"I never would have thought it, but these encounters with computer-generated pals can sometimes be even more enjoyable than the real thing."
"Dot-hack is an impressive bit of high-concept work, and scores lots of points for its presentational excellence."

Want to experience an MMORPG without using the internet? Then boot up your PS2 and pop this puppy in. It does an amazing job of emulating the MMORPG experience, recommended.

Customer Reviews

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