Global Folktale

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Global Folktale

Includes: Case protector, original case, registration card, manual and game disc.
Condition: USED. Game case and cover are in excellent condition and case snaps shut perfectly. Manual is in very good condition. Game disc is in excellent condition with no visible scratches.
Genre: Role-playing
UPC: 4995857850914
System: PlayStation 2
Region: NTSC (Japan)
Rating: All
NOTE: This is a Japanese region PS2 game so you will require a Japanese PS2 and knowledge of Japanese to play the game.


Global Folktale is a role-playing game from Idea Factory. The land has been taken over by the animals and humans have been forced into hiding. Allen, Prince of the Zodia Kingdom, has decided to fight against their animal oppressors and rises to meet their challenge.

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NTSC (Japan)
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