Final Zone II

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Final Zone II

Includes: Case protector, original case, manual, and game disc.
Condition: USED. Case is in very good condition. Manual is in good condition with some slight creases on the front cover and a small tear on the back. Game disc is in very good condition with no label/sticker residue and a couple minor scratches that do not effect gameplay.
Genre: Action, Run & Gun, Shoot 'em up
UPC: 059376010083
System: TurboGrafx-16 (with CD attachment)
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Not Rated


Final Zone II is a top down shooter, it continues from the original Final Zone, set several years later. Harward Bowie, Momoko Ring and Randy Hansen return, and the sequel's story concerns a conspiracy that involves the destruction of Bowie's ship just before he and his military squad are about to begin a mission. The survivors face the hostile force on the planet they were about to strike from orbit, but this is revealed to be a misdirect and the game's plot continues to twist and turn.

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NTSC (North America)
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