Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack | PS Version | Digital Music

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Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack | PS Version | Digital Music


Embark on a sonic journey through the imaginative world of Final Fantasy II with this Original Soundtrack PS Version, expertly crafted by Nobuo Uematsu. This collection of 29 tracks offers listeners a rich tapestry of sounds, evoking the myriad of emotions and vibrant settings that have defined this classic RPG since its inception.

From the epic and stirring orchestrations to gentle melodies, each track tells a story, adding depth to the beloved characters and memorable moments that have captivated players for generations. With a runtime of 47 minutes, this album is a perfect companion for both focused listening sessions and as a background soundscape to your daily activities.

Celebrating its rich history since being released on September 23, 2004, this soundtrack stands as a testament to the artistic achievement of the Final Fantasy series, offering fans a chance to hold a piece of its magical world through music. Available for streaming on Amazon Music, this collection is a must-have for any RPG lover, bringing the timeless world of Final Fantasy II to life once again through the genius of Nobuo Uematsu’s musical storytelling.

Whether you're reliving cherished memories or discovering the musical majesty of Final Fantasy II for the first time, the Original Soundtrack PS Version is your ticket to a rich auditory experience. Get ready to be swept off your feet into a world of wonder and adventure; the magical realms of Final Fantasy II await you in every note.


World-renowned composer
The sounds of Nobuo Uematsu, the genius behind many of the Final Fantasy series soundtracks, grace this album with tracks that are both iconic and heart-stirring.
29 Original Tracks
With 29 immersive tracks, delve deep into the magical worlds and vivid characters of Final Fantasy II, experiencing the tale in a whole new sensory dimension.
47-Minute Runtime
Enjoy a near hour-long musical journey, rich with sweeping orchestral arrangements and nostalgic melodies that both new and old fans of the series will appreciate.
Digital Availability
Easy access through Amazon Music allows for seamless streaming from all your devices, anytime, anywhere.
Released to Acclaim
Since its release on September 23, 2004, this soundtrack has become a must-have for Final Fantasy aficionados and music enthusiasts alike, gaining acclaim for its artistic merit and emotional depth.
  • Release Date: September 23, 2004
  • Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Format: MP3 download/streaming
Final Fantasy II Original Soundtrack | PS Version | Digital Music | Preview

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September 23, 2004
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