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This product requires an NTSC-J (Japan) console to use.
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About Fighters Megamix

32 Champions. One Game. No Mercy.

AM2's ultimate 3D fighting experience smashes onto the Saturn, with 32 characters from Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, VF Kids, Sonic Fighters, Virtua Cop 2 and more! Secret characters, new weapons and new moves including many from VF3. The biggest and best beat-'em-up EVER!

Key Features

Virtua Fighter
Includes all 11 legendary Virtua Fighter 2 characters.
Fighting Vipers
Includes all 11 champion Fighting Vipers characters.
But Wait There's More
In addition to the already large character roster there are an additional 10 hidden characters to discover.
This product requires an NTSC-J (Japan) console to use.

Saturn (JAPAN)
Sega AM2
Arcade Fighting
  • 1-2 Players
  • Virtua Stick
Age Rating:
Case protector, Game case, Manual, Game disc
Used - All items in very good condition.
Even with the poor collision detection and somewhat blocky graphics, it is still one of the best arcade fighters on the system, or any system.
- The PJ's Games Team

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Fighters Megamix | Sega Saturn | Japan

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