Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

About the Game

The world has been decimated by nuclear war and the 'lucky' survivors must eke out a desperate living any way they can. Some turn to violence, preying on the weak and innocent to survive, while others strive to bring some sort of order to the chaos, forming loose, peaceful societies and getting back something approaching normality.

As well as the dangers of radiation, the remaining humans face a new threat in the form of the barbaric and powerful mutants, some of whom are bent on being the dominant species on the planet. Into this hell on Earth comes the Brotherhood of Steel, an order devoted to law and order through high technology and peaceful coexistence. When some Brotherhood members disappear on a routine mission, the order calls on a lowly Initiate to go and find them. Are you man, women or mutant enough for the job?

Interplay has built upon its success with the Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance series to bring you a dark, sci-fi themed, action-RPG set in a dangerous future. As with the original BG:DA you choose you character from a line-up of three - Cyrus (the muscle), Nadia (firearms expert) and Cyrus (highly radiation-resistant mutant) - and head out in to the wasteland to find out what has happened to your Brothers.

Soon you are embroiled in a dark plot involving deadly enemies and a scheme to take over this scarred world. You'll encounter strange and interesting characters, some helpful, many harmful and a few who just want to absorb you into a mass of glowing goo, but you're not without your defences. As you travel, you can salvage or purchase a massive array of weapons, armor and equipment including blades, guns, riot armor, homemade bombs and stimpacks (health). Also, as you grow in experience you gain useful and bizarre abilities such as First-Aid, Pyromaniac and Rad-Child. There's even a two-player co-op option for those of you who don't want to head out into the glowing wilderness alone.

Key Features

  • Choose from three ultra tough Brotherhood initiates to challenge the rad-wastes.
  • Top-down RPG gameplay made famous by Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, this time in a unforgiving future.
  • Face an array of deadly creatures, such as mutated scorpions and heavily armed bandits.
  • A huge number of characters to meet, work with and trade with including old mercenaries and hideous mutants.
  • Team up with a buddy to face the horrors "after the bomb".

Product Details

  • 1-2 Players
  • 430KB Memory Card
  • Digital Control
  • Analog Control
  • Vibration Function
  • Pressure Sensitive
NTSC (North America)
Age Rating
Mature (Blood and Gore, Mature Sexual Themes, Strong Language, Violence)

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