Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi

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Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi

Embark on an epic journey with Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi for the PlayStation 2. This Japanese version of the critically acclaimed RPG offers a unique gaming experience filled with adventure, charm, and an enchanting storyline. You're not just playing a game; you're entering a vibrant, living world of fantasy.

Condition & Contents
This copy of Dragon Quest VIII comes in excellent condition, ensuring a quality experience. Included in your purchase is the original case, a well-preserved game manual, and the game disc itself, all reflecting the care taken by previous owners.
Gameplay Experience
Dragon Quest VIII invites players to immerse themselves in a beautifully crafted world, brought to life with stunning graphics that were groundbreaking for the PS2 era. With a captivating plot and engaging turn-based combat, this game is a must-have for RPG enthusiasts. Navigate through enchanting landscapes, interact with a host of unique characters, and unravel a tale of magic, mystery, and courage.
Language Note
Please note that this version is in Japanese, offering an authentic experience for fans and language enthusiasts alike. It's a perfect choice for collectors looking to add a touch of international flair to their gaming library.
Special Offer
Place your order before 1PM EST, and we promise to ship your game the very same day! Quick, efficient, and ready to join your gaming adventures – don't miss out on adding this classic to your collection.
Perfect For
Whether you're a long-time fan of the Dragon Quest series, a collector of rare and international game editions, or someone looking to dive into a rich RPG experience, Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 is a perfect choice. Its engaging gameplay, combined with the pristine condition of this edition, makes it a standout addition to any gaming library.

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with Dragon Quest VIII. Order now and experience the magic and nostalgia of one of the most beloved RPGs of all time!

Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi | PS2 | Gameplay

Product Highlights

  • Embark on an Epic Journey

    Discover a breathtaking world in Dragon Quest VIII, where you embark on a heroic quest filled with vivid landscapes and enchanting stories. This classic RPG blends a compelling narrative with beautiful graphics, immersing you in a richly detailed universe brimming with adventure.

  • Captivating Characters & Story

    Meet a cast of unforgettable characters in Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2. Each party member has a unique backstory and personality, adding depth to an engaging plot. Dive into a tale of courage, friendship, and twists that will keep you hooked until the very end.

  • Timeless Turn-Based Combat

    Engage in strategic, turn-based battles that define the Dragon Quest series. Dragon Quest VIII offers a perfect blend of traditional RPG combat mechanics and modern enhancements, providing both newcomers and veterans a deeply satisfying gameplay experience.

Product Details

PlayStation 2 (JAPAN)
Works On
  • PlayStation 2
Square Enix
November 27, 2004
Used - All items in excellent condition
  • Game case
  • Game disc
  • Manual
  • Memory Card - 178 KB
  • Single-player
  • 日本語
Age Rating
CERO Rating
Suitable for all ages
Dive into Dragon Quest VIII for an unforgettable adventure! Experience its captivating story, memorable characters, and classic turn-based combat. A must-play for RPG fans, it's a timeless journey filled with wonder and excitement on the PS2.
- The PJ's Games Team

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