Cabela's Dangerous Hunts

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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts

Includes: Case protector, original case, manual and game disc.
Condition: USED. Game case and cover are in good condition with no rips or punctures. There are some stress points on the front and back cover. Case snaps shut perfectly. Manual is in like new condition with bright white pages, no folds or blemishes present. Game disc is in very good condition with no label/sticker residue and only a few minor scratches that do not effect gameplay.
Genre: Simulation, First-person Shooter
UPC: 047875750159
System: PlayStation 2
Region: NTSC (North America)
Rating: Teen (Blood, Violence)


Cabela's Dangerous Hunts delivers intense hunting action in exotic locations throughout the world. Encounter some of the world's most ferocious animals, such as Grizzlies, Leopards, Rhinos, and Cape Buffaloes in palm-sweating, heart-pounding hunting action. Equipped with authentic gear including rifles, handguns, crossbows, and knives, and scopes, you have everything you need to go against Mother Nature's fiercest creatures. You'll soon realize first-hand what every hunter fears most in terrifying "kill or be killed" hunting action.

Product Details

NTSC (North America)
Age Rating
Teen (Blood, Violence)

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