Burnout Dominator

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Burnout Dominator


Burnout Dominator Sony PlayStation 2 game, comes complete in original case. Cleaned, tested and includes a FREE case protector!

Pushing the limits of the PS2 system, Burnout Dominator features some of the most explosive visuals seen on the platform, and engaging multiplayer modes that allow you to take on your friends and thrash their high scores and race times, as well as smashing them off the track into oblivion. With a host of unlockable features and awards Burnout Dominator will keep you and your friends locked in the most intense vehicular combat you'll ever experience.

Key Features

MASTER A NEW WORLD TOUR. Battle across all-new tracks built for every style of racing. Drift around the traffic on open urban roads and race in the oncoming lane in claustrophobic city streets.

UNPRECEDENTED SPEED. Drive like a maniac to max out your boost. Drain it totally to perform a Burnout and get an instant boost recharge. Chain multiple burnouts to keep the adrenaline burning!

SIGNATURE SHORTCUTS. Watch out for the signature shortcuts on every track. Ram a rival through the barrier of a shortcut entrance to unlock it and shave those precious seconds off your race times.

Official Trailer

Fact Sheet

INCLUDES: Case protector, original game case, manual and game disc
CONDITION: Used - Complete in case
GENRE: Racing
PLATFORM: PlayStation 2, PS2
REGION: NTSC (North America)
RATING: Rated Everyone 10+ Everyone 10+ (Violence)
PLAYERS: 1-4 Players
UPC: 014633156324

Product Details

PlayStation 2
NTSC (North America)
Age Rating
Everyone 10+ (Violence)

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