Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon

Step into the shoes of the legendary martial artist, Bruce Lee, in this high-octane Xbox classic! Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon offers a compelling mix of action, adventure, and martial arts mastery. Unleash powerful punches, kicks, and special moves as you navigate through diverse levels to rescue your kidnapped father and reclaim your family's honor.

📦 What's Inside

  • Game Disc in Excellent Condition
  • Original Case
  • Instruction Manual

✨ Key Features

Fight Like Bruce Lee
Utilize Bruce Lee's signature Jeet Kune Do fighting style as you encounter enemies and bosses throughout the game.
Dynamic Storyline
Experience a gripping narrative that pays homage to Bruce Lee's classic films.
Martial Arts Mayhem
Immerse yourself in intense 3D environments, from Hong Kong streets to underground fight clubs.
Multi-Character Combat
Engage in large-scale combat sequences where Bruce fights against multiple enemies simultaneously.

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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon | Xbox | Trailer

Product Details

Xbox (original)
Works On
  • Xbox
Universal Interactive
July 02, 2002
Used - All items in excellent condition
  • Game case
  • Game disc
  • Manual
  • Single-player
  • Memory Unit
  • English
Age Rating
ESRB Rating
Suggestive Themes
No Interactive Elements
©2002 Universal Interactive, Inc. Bruce Lee and the Bruce Lee likeness are trademarks and copyrights of Concord Moon LLP. Licensed by Universal Interactive Licensing, Inc. All rights reserved.
Step into Bruce Lee's shoes in this Xbox classic! Master Jeet Kune Do fighting styles, battle multiple enemies at once, and navigate a gripping storyline set in 3D environments. A must-play for martial arts fans!
- The PJ's Games Team

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