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The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2
PlayStation 4
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Metacritic Reviews

RPG Fan  

The Banner Saga 2 is a superb tactical RPG, standing shoulder to shoulder with the best that the genre has to offer.

PlayStation Universe  

An ambitious and yet more elegant evolution over the first Banner Saga, The Banner Saga 2 fires on all cylinders and provides one of the newest and most enthralling strategy series money can buy with an absolutely belting middle act.

Push Square  

The Banner Saga 2 is a story about the end of the world, and few games do a better job of constantly reminding you of that fact.


For the most part it’s wonderfully well-realised: it has a compelling and moving story that really drives the game forward, along with engaging and thought-provoking gameplay from start to finish.

About this game

Banner Saga 2 continues the award-winning adventure! This role-playing, story-based adventure continues its emotional journey through a broken world. Your Viking clans will survive by making bold leadership decisions, wise resource use, and skilled battle tactics. You can either continue playing the game with your previous choices, or start a new game with preset characters.

The world is falling around you and there is only one hope. To get there, strong leadership, hard work, influence new heroes and a sound strategy in combat will be required.

  • New Characters and a New Race, the Horseborn.
  • Improved Strategic Combat with Consequences - Better, more strategic battle boards improve combat. Permanent loss of characters will also weigh heavily on your mind long after battle is over.
  • The journey is as important as battle - Your role in managing and building your caravan is crucial as you traverse the vast landscape.

The Banner Saga 2 is a solid tactical RPG and can hold its own with some of the finest in the genre.

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  3. On the Playstation Store, under the menu, select 'Redeem a code'.
  4. Enter the code you received from PJ's Games.
  5. Once the code is entered, select 'Continue'.
  6. You can then download the game by selecting 'Download'.

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