If you have verified that you are entering the code exactly as it was sent to you but are still receiving an 'Invalid key/code' error the first thing we recommend is making sure there are no spaces before or after the code as that will cause the code to be invalid.

If you are receiving a 'Used key/code' error please make sure you haven't already redeemed the code by viewing the related game library for the game.

If the above recommendations do not solve your issue then please open a support request here: https://www.pjsgames.com/pages/support-request.

Please make sure you include the following which are needed to start the support process:

  1. Order Number
  2. Screenshot/picture of the error. If you are taking a picture please make sure everything on the screen is legible.
  3. Any details that help describe the problem you are experiencing.

You must contact us within 7 calendar days of your purchase to start this process, after that a case can no longer be created.