The Outer Worlds for PC

The Outer Worlds for PC
You can definitely feel the influence of Fallout New Vegas in The Outer Worlds but that is a good thing and the experience here is even deeper and more meaningful.

At the time of this post The Outer Worlds had a metascore of 82 on Metacritic. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews

"The Outer Worlds is consistently compelling throughout, and it's a superb example of how to promote traditional RPG sensibilities in a sharp, modern experience."
"Obsidian prove, once again, they know how to make a good RPG. Great story, fantastic world, important decisions and a lot of humor. If you like this genre, you cannot miss it."
"With The Outer Worlds, Obsidian has found its own path in the space between Bethesda and BioWare's RPGs, and it’s a great one."
Gaming Nexus
"Obsidian set out to make a Fallout game, but didn’t think we’d mind if they actually made it a Firefly game along the way."

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