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Ubisoft's challenger to the GTA series in terms of open-world gameplay does a solid job but doesn't quite reach the standards set by that series. The graphics are great and help immerse into the player into Watch Dog's Chicago setting. We just wish the story was a bit more riveting, it definitely felt flat at times. Having said that we still had a great time with the title and look forward to what this franchise grows into. At the time of this post Watch Dogs had a metascore of 77/100 and a user score of 4.8/10 on Metacritic, solid ratings from critics and low ratings from players. This is probably due to the trouble some players have getting the game to run reliably. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews

The game was designed to put control into the player’s hands and it succeeded. I thought the concept was incredibly epic and it didn’t leave me with that 'I wish I could do this' feeling I get from some games. The power to play the game how you want is also a bonus. Also, if you’re looking for a game with a ton of replay value, Watch_Dogs will definitely do it. While I figured Watch_Dogs would have been a more sophisticated version of GTA, it isn’t. It can be frenetic at times and sometimes, that’s all you need to have some fun.

A delightful open-world playground with terrific graphics, lots of activities and brilliant hacking gameplay. Poor plotting and the lack of a more courageous treatment of its up-to-date scenario keeps Watch Dogs from playing in the same league as Rockstar's masterpieces.

Ubisoft's challange to GTA has succeeded and shows great potential. But the writers should have shown more courage to be different and remarkable.

Ubisoft's flagship title has a really, really repulsive protagonist. The entire storyline feels like it was cranked out of a automated story generator. On the positive side, Watch Dogs looks really good on PC, especially after modding the graphics to match the visual splendor of the early E3 demos.

79/100 Pelit (Finland)

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