The Critics Consensus - Madden NFL 19

It's great to see the series return to PC after such a long absence. Graphical fidelity is amazing, barring the sometimes jittery gameplay when going over 60fps. Whether you're new to the series or a returning veteran you're going to want to check this one out. At the time of this post Madden NFL 19 had a metascore of 80/100. You can checkout the scores below.

Industry Reviews

Madden NFL 19 is a fantastic entry into the long-running series. The new Player Movement System and air collision system lead to far more fluent gameplay and animation while MUT comes in better than ever. The MUT challenges are enjoyable and offer a great way to start building your team and a new emphasis on training and chemistry allows for more strategy. New or returning, Madden NFL 19 is a must buy for football fans.

A very good football simulation with an embarrassing story mode.

Madden NFL 19 feels like an improvement in many of its elements, from the gameplay to the various game modes, while offering stunning visuals on PC with good performance.

For newcomers, Madden NFL 19 is a bumpy start for their new favorite hobby, with veterans benefiting from the ongoing uptrend.

Madden 19 offers a fascinating single-player story, but the rest of the game largely falls into the same tropes you experienced a decade ago.

Pretty solid reviews, so don't miss Madden's return to the PC and grab your region free Madden NFL 19 Origin key today and start your 3rd down rush. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments area below.


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