The Critics Consensus - Forza Horizon 4 for PC and Xbox One

The Critics Consensus - Forza Horizon 4 for PC and Xbox One

Peter Jason by Peter Jason | Aug 25, 2020
While it might not break any new ground Forza Horizon 4 still provides the perfect balance between simulation and fun all wrapped up in amazing and fluid graphics.
The PJ's Games Team

At the time of this post Forza Horizon 4 had a metascore of 88 on Metacritic. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews



Forza Horizon 4 is a tremendous achievement and will most likely displace Gran Turismo Sport as my racing game of choice.

Game Debate

This doesn't come easily, but Forza Horizon 4 is quite possibly one of, if not the, greatest racing game in existence.

App Trigger

Forza Horizon 4 is beautiful and exhilarating, with seamless multiplayer, compelling progression, and more cars than you know what to do with.


Playground Games continues to excel at making the act of virtual driving exciting, approachable, and entertaining without sacrificing complexity.

Are you enjoying the game or maybe not so much? We would love to hear your Forza Horizon 4 experiences, good or bad, just leave your comments below.

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