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Anthem places you in a beautiful world with inspired combat and the core exosuit flying and Javelin design are solid. But due to design/development decisions there are times where the gameplay becomes tedious and feels more like work than it should. At the time of this post Anthem for Xbox One had a metascore of 65/100 and a user score of 3.9/10 on Metacritic, average to good ratings from critics and low ratings from players probably due to this being an EA product Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews

Anthem is one hell of a decent loot-shooter that boasts some ambitious mechanics. Its massively engaging combat and its flow of movement takes center stage, with its several activities, its deep lore, and its diverse and interesting world following closely behind. That said, Anthem isn’t without fault, and BioWare will need to carefully address the game’s issues alongside its community feedback to ensure they maintain player interest.

Anthem is stunning like a firework, a technical achievement and a very fun game, but right now it is also unfinished.

Anthem may thrive. Anthem may fail. It has the bones to be something great but I am tired of saying that about so many games in this genre and five years after Destiny 1, I can’t believe we’re here yet again. Get it right the first time, because everyone is losing patience.

Despite some new ideas and a core gameplay loop that does its best to carry the experience, Anthem is ultimately a bit of a disappointment from BioWare.

A bit of a mixed bag but if you're willing to ignore a few rough edges you'll be rewarded with solid gaming experience. So if you're up for it, grab an Anthem for Xbox One key while it is in on sale.

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