Planet Coaster for PC and Mac

Planet Coaster for PC and Mac
Planet Coaster is a great theme park game and being able to ride a coaster you designed, in first-person, is very satisfying.

At the time of this post Planet Coaster had a metascore of 84 on Metacritic. Let's take a look at some of the more prominent reviews.

Industry Reviews

Digitally Downloaded
"Good management tools, good building tools, and most of all, it is extremely fun to play."
Gaming Nexus
"It is easy to get lost in for hours on end and lets you explore the depths of your imagination."
"It's a game that occupies your thoughts when you're not playing it, and it's thoroughly captivating when you are."
"Planet Coaster is a fantastic theme park-building sandbox that rarely ever took an idea I had and told me, 'No, you can't do that'."

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