NHL 21: How To Become The Next Hockey God

Gameplay in NHL 21 has improved, with smarter AI, faster passing and flashier moves. With innovative improvements on both sides of the puck, players have more options than ever before to play the game their way. A much improved "Be A Pro" experience gives you the chance to live the dream of being an NHL player, both on and off the ice. Do your best to impress the front office, show up on draft day, and do whatever it takes to achieve greatness as you earn your spot on the top line, go for the Stanley Cup, and become the league’s next superstar.

Be A Pro

Be A Pro gives you the chance to experience life an an NHL player. Every step of your career from novice to superstar is recorded. From rookie tryouts to training camps, from NHL ranks to the top of the sport, and everything in between, you can replay every game, every event, and every moment. This advanced recording feature will ensure that you’ll always be the very best at what you do. 4-on-4 Versus Experience all-out 4-on-4 action with this mode. Use any combination of 3 on 3 and 4-on-4 games, featuring any combination of goalies, lines and even certain faceoff rules like face-off wins. Play hockey with the safety of matching penalties!

NHL 21 Gameplay

Tight control allows players to evade checks and protect the puck with ease. Scoring goals with your signature moves can be challenging, but luckily, NHL 21 offers in-game assist and shot statistics that provide you with extra levels of control over your technique. With the new "Be A Pro" experience, you'll earn your way up the ranks from the bottom of the roster to become an NHL superstar. Live your dream and don't forget to smile during each and every shift. 3D environments contain more details than ever before, customizable goaltenders, extra padding, helmets and over-sized sticks – take it all in and find the perfect balance that makes the gameplay feel fresh and exciting.


While NHL 21 does not introduce many new features from previous releases the Be a Pro mode is solid and the controls and presentation are on point. There is a level of playfulness to the game that was really lacking in the series. Hockey is such a great sport to play and watching it is even better! This makes the game much better in our opinion. Thanks to real hockey stats and enhanced control over in-game situations, NHL 21 will take you deeper into the game and make you feel like a bona fide hockey god. Whether you’re in on the action from the penalty box or slamming your stick into a goal post, NHL 21 will have something for you.

Xbox one

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