DOOM Eternal Review: The Best FPS of 2020?

When it comes to first-person shooters, there are few games as iconic as DOOM. The original game was released in 1993 and revolutionized the genre. Now, over 25 years later, the franchise is back with DOOM Eternal. Is this the best FPS of 2020? Let's find out.

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in the Doom franchise and was released on March 20, 2020, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One. The plot of Doom Eternal revolves around the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who fights demons from Hell. The player controls the Doom Slayer as he battles his way through Hell and Earth to defeat the forces of evil. The game features a variety of weapons and enemies, as well as new gameplay mechanics such as “destructible environments”. Doom Eternal received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised its gameplay, graphics, and level design. However, the game was also criticized for its story and lack of innovation.

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Doom Eternal tells the story of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who raises from his grave to find that Hell has invaded Earth. He is tasked with stopping the invasion and saving humanity from damnation. The story is set two years after the events of the previous game, Doom 2016. The Doom Slayer finds himself up against a new foe: the Maykrs, an ancient race of beings that wants to exterminate all life in the universe. To stop them, he must travel to different dimensions and battle hellish creatures. Along the way, he will uncover the truth about his past and learn what it means to be the Doom Slayer. The story is dark and gritty, with plenty of action and gore. It is sure to please fans of the franchise.


In Doom Eternal, combat is all about managing your resources and taking down your enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ammo is scarce, so you'll need to make use of your chainsaw and grenade launcher to take out groups of enemies. The game also introduces a new mechanic called "destruction physics," which makes it possible to gib enemies by shooting them in specific weak points. This adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as you'll need to decide when to go for glory kills and when to conserve ammo. In addition, the game's signature fast-paced action is still very much present, making combat feel intense and thrilling. With all of these factors combined, Doom Eternal's combat is some of the best in the series.

Doom Eternal offers a stiff challenge, even on its lowest difficulty setting. The game is designed to test the limits of your reflexes, requiring you to master a variety of weapons and enemies. On higher difficulty settings, the game is nearly impossible, with foes that can kill you in a single hit. Even on lower difficulties, the game is not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a real test, Doom Eternal is the perfect game for you.

The campaign of Doom Eternal is a blast to play through. It's fast-paced and always keeps you on your toes. There are a ton of different areas to explore and secrets to find. The story is also great. It's dark and campy, and it ties in nicely with the gameplay. The only downside is that the campaign is a bit short. I would have liked to see more levels or at least more variety in the levels that are there. Overall, though, the campaign is a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to replaying it on harder difficulties.

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Doom Eternal's multiplayer component is an extension of the game's single-player campaign. It pits players against each other in quick, action-packed matches that emphasize speed and aggression. While the multiplayer lacks the depth and variety of some other shooters, it more than makes up for it with its intense, fast-paced gameplay. And thanks to the game's excellent map design, there are plenty of places to explore and secrets to find. Whether you're playing solo or with friends, Doom Eternal's multiplayer is a bloody good time.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are excellent. The textures and lighting are top-notch, and the animations are smooth and realistic. The frame rate is also very good, making the game a pleasure to play. However, there are a couple of minor problems with the graphics. Firstly, the character models can sometimes look a bit stiff and unnatural. Secondly, the level design can be a little repetitious. Overall, though, the graphics are very impressive and do justice to the game's intense action.

Doom Eternal has some of the best sound design in any video game. From the eerie ambiance of the Martian landscapes to the heart-pounding battle music, every element of the game's audio contributes to the sense of dread and excitement. Even though the gameplay is fast-paced, the sound design ensures that players always know what's going on around them. The voice acting is also excellent, with each character delivering their lines with conviction. In particular, the voice of Doom Slayer himself is perfect for the role. He growls and snarls his way through the game, conveying his rage and determination. It's clear that a lot of thought and care went into making Doom Eternal's audio as good as it is, and it truly makes the game an immersive and atmospheric experience.

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Overall, Doom Eternal is a successful sequel that improves upon the formula of the original in almost every way. The game is fast-paced and frenetic, with an excellent variety of enemies that require different strategies to take down. The campaign is longer than its predecessor, and the level design is both creative and consistently challenging. There are also several quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to quick-save anywhere and an on-screen map that highlights key objectives. In addition, the multiplayer mode is a fun and addicting diversion that adds even more value to the package. Simply put, Doom Eternal is one of the best first-person shooters available and is well worth your time and money.


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