Batman: Arkham Knight PS4 Review

Batman: Arkham Knight provides a wide range of gameplay types and a great cast of characters. Having access to the Batmobile also provides new opportunities for interacting with the environment. Arkham Knight is a must play for all Batman fans.


Batman: Arkham Knight is an open-world game. This means you can hop from city to city, fighting crime, and collecting as much cash as you can. You also get to set up new locations where you can fight additional powerful enemies, earn additional cash, and expand the game’s over world. The combat mechanics of Batman: Arkham Knight are incredibly tight. Each weapon has a precise trajectory that allows the player to move across the battlefield and inflict serious damage.

The Batmobile... Oh My

The Batmobile is one of the most iconic and recognizable vehicles in the history of comics, cinema and television. This is the vehicle that has defined the character and helped create some of the most iconic moments in the superhero genre. Batman: Arkham Knight introduces us to the Batmobile in a story that explores Batman’s changing relationship with the Batcave and the city of Gotham. This Batmobile is exhilarating and it becomes evident as you progress through the game that Batman can take advantage of the many tools he has at his disposal. For me, this game had more than enough opportunities for me to get into a violent mood, and the Batmobile fits perfectly with that character arc.

The Story

Batman: Arkham Knight starts out with a confrontation between Batman and Batman’s childhood enemy, Two-Face. However, a group of assassins pull Two-Face from the rubble of his burning apartment and lock him in Arkham Asylum. With nowhere else to turn, Batman sets out to track down the leader of the group before Two-Face himself escapes. While Batman’s main weapon is his fists, the Batmobile provides the vehicle he needs for a wide variety of situations. Most players will likely spend the majority of their time taking on the enemies with the typical array of melee attacks and ranged weapons. However, the Batmobile allows for some quick and inventive solutions to the more frequent challenges of combat.


Rocksteady Studios delivers another stellar title in their series of Batman games. Arkham Knight is an excellent example of why video games are not movies; having enough room to express their own story, good or bad, is part of the reason we love them so much. There is much here to love including a strong story, fantastic performance of the voice actors, entertaining combat, multiple game modes, and tons of fan service, including body painting and in-game tattoos.


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